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About Kerbside Kustoms

A Brief History

Kerbside Kustoms was brought about by a few mates talking over a beer around a camp fire and the suggestion was to start our own club.

We were at the time all members of another forum but had our own views on the direction it was going in, so after a few words with the administration we were told to go and do our own thing which is where we are at today.

As said it was a few mates who enjoyed the VW scene in all forms and did all their work outside on the road or driveway, hence the name of "Kerbside Kustoms". Our aim is to help each other out and have a good time doing it.

We have seen the group of people grow from the initial 3 or 4 to the current 52, however we do not want to create a monster like some other forums have.

Attending what shows we can throughout the year members of Kerbside Kustoms have picked up numerous awards at a variety of events. We have also seen the vehicles going from the original T4/T5 scene back to some nice air cooled beetles and even, dare i say it a Japanese camper.

2015 will be a good year for Kerbside Kustoms with more shows, more trophies, more BBQ's and more beer. Catch you all at a show near you.

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